The sound of clocks ticking

Photography is what i like to do! So I'll do it! I like to do things.u

Cant breath

How am i suppose to sleep when i keep waking up gasping for air.Its like Im drowning in my sleep.

wow came across this song.

I was like 15 when i listened to this ha ha.

I kinda still like it:]

Library notices

All your good for is giving me my library id because i lost my card

.I need this id to use your online research books

As far as turning in books goes ………………….

My Since

First of all at Mc’donalds

The apple pie+ice cream = a good combo.

Beds are comfy. I think i want to be a mattress salesman for a month.

Once when i was jogging i saw a big ball of fire falling in the sky. I wonder if that was meteoroid i think to big to be a meteorite and if so is that what is really causing the fires!

Meteorites are smaller than meteoroids

a meteor is like a falling star.

In the end its all the same.

Dear Tumblr

Why do people post pictures(hahaha alliteration)of themselves on facebook and then say

"I look really ugly in this picture"

"I look fat in this picture"

"i don’t like this picture of me"

Like really!